Monday Mashup: Digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week

25/Jan/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Each Monday we bring you digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week. If you appreciate a good pre-meeting icebreaker, this is for you.

To keep you thinking

BBC uses facial recognition to support content marketing

The BBC’s content marketing business Storyworks has tested how consumers actually feel about content-led marketing using facial coding and recognition to ensure the results couldn’t lie.

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Why new regulator could be a game-changing moment for journalism

This week saw a major step forward for genuinely independent press regulation in the UK. The new press regulator IMPRESS (Independent Monitor for the Press) has announced that it has not only signed up a dozen publishers but that it has submitted an application for formal recognition.

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Inside the growing social media skills gap

While social media races ahead, formal training and education programs are lagging seriously behind. If that isn’t making headlines, it’s testament to social media’s comprehensive mainstreaming: “Facebook? I use that everyday. Who needs to be trained in it?”

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Conversation starters

Striking Similes

“There’s a thin line between the original and the asinine.” The Paris Review discusses the history of similes and has a collection of fantastic and ridiculous ones including “cheeks as soft as July peaches” and “her laugh is like a rainbow-tinted spray”.

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Controversial convos

Why big businesses should steal from start-ups

As Forbes magazine contributor Josh Linkner, put it some three years ago: “While big companies are busy protecting the golden goose with fear-based, micro improvements, start-ups are busy with the hard work of changing the world.”

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