Inside the Inbox of… Sophie Radonic, Good Food & Wine Show

29/Jan/2016 · 2 MINS READ

In a series we call ‘Inside the Inbox…’ we’re asking industry leaders to let us delve into their most private of places… their emails!

Today we’re exploring the inbox of Sophie Radonic, Senior Marketing Manager, Good Food & Wine Show.


54 UNREAD: there are still a few old emails lurking from my holidays!

1) Which email conversation has sparked your interest recently? 

We are currently in planning stages of the 2016 Shows and therefore a major aspect is confirming the celebrity chefs. We have someone new and unique in mind for the headline in Melbourne and their agent replied to us recently which I’m very excited about. An overseas con-call is scheduled for the near future!

2) What’s the top priority in your inbox at the moment?

Calendar meeting with our creative/strategic agency Tank. I need to complete a brief for them in relation to a creative campaign concept for 2016 to which I have no doubt they’ll respond with some exciting ideas – watch this space.

3) Who are you emailing that inspires you?

We are working on a new concept this year at the Show which involves having a greater dining presence. To bring this to life I’m emailing numerous interior stylists – an area which I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve just come across Kali Cavanagh whose work is divine!

4) What newsletters are you signed up to?

Too many! As a marketer, it’s good to see what other companies are doing with their eDM communications and content, so the range is really broad from travel to fashion, fitness and of course, food and wine! Marketing industry wise, I’m signed up to Mumbrella, Inspiration Room, Digital Buzz Blog and Brand DNA to name a few.

My personal favourites would be local designer Life with Bird (I have a weakness for their clean and simple structured dresses with a unique print) and Ginger and Smart. I also love hearing from Eat Fit Food (a girl’s best friend when you’re too busy to cook healthy meals) to see what new items they’ve added to their menu. I highly recommend this company if you are time poor and would like fresh and healthy meals delivered to your door!

5) Which kinds of email do you most love to receive?

I love emails from our Content/PR agency Flaunt Marketing; they are such a creative bunch, so there is generally a unique and new idea in each one of their emails- plus I love reading the articles they write for us every month- they are always ahead of the game.

6) What do you think you’ll be discussing over email in six month’s time?

I was just reading the specific Melbourne food predictions in Broadsheet for 2016 earlier today. One of them being ‘high-end soft serve’ – bring it on!

There are so many predictions out there, however, I’m reading more and more about new flavour profiles for beers like lemongrass and ginger. I also believe there will be a revival of the dinner party, particularly as food photography is starting to shift from an emphasis on the food itself to the tableware and styling. And finally, I believe our affair with healthy and organic foods could become a full-blown obsession beginning with avocado oil being the new coconut oil for 2016.

7) How long does it usually take you to respond?

It depends if I’m in the office, in back to back meetings, at my desk or interstate travelling. I try to get through all emails daily, however when we’re in peak Show period, my response time definitely declines unfortunately.

8) Finally, you have a chance to change the world with just one email – who’s that getting sent to and why?

Oh interesting question. There’s so many things I’m passionate about which I’d love to change – depression, drug addiction and animal welfare- however, I saw a statistic in relation to the US 2.5 billion dollar lotto; the statistic stated that if the prize pool was divided amongst the population of the USA it would relieve poverty. The catch is that the sums were incorrect! However it’s a great idea isn’t it to pool all lotto money worldwide and alleviate extreme poverty and homelessness?