What type of data is collected across social media channels?

29/May/2023 · 1 MINS READ

We frequently get asked by our clients (as well as our friends, relatives, neighbours…) about the exact extent of data collection occurring across social media platforms. They are curious about how much information these platforms truly possess.

The short answer is that social media platforms gather a substantial amount of data.

However, to delve into further detail, the level of data collected depends on the exact extent of your activity and the information you choose to share.

It is worth noting that when utilising a platform, there are certain activities for which you provide consent to be shared. While there is a degree of freedom in your actions, it is not absolute.

Fortunately, TikTok, in collaboration with an Australian data specialist, conducted an investigation to ascertain the precise nature and scope of data collection across major social media channels.

The following is a summary of their findings:

The full report conducted can be found HERE, and the accompanying analysis of the social media platforms HERE.