Zach King for Tic Tac

22/Jan/2016 · 1 MINS READ

One day you’re sitting in front of your computer, playing around with software like Final Cut Pro, and the next day you’re the star of a multinational campaign for Tic Tac. The talented Zach King found himself in this exact position early last year after Sydney based sound house, We Love Jam picked him up for Tic Tac’s latest campaign.

Online influencers for the win

King for Tic Tac is the perfect example of a growing trend of marketers tapping into viral internet sensations. The power of influencers is on the rise, with 92% consumers turning to people they know for referrals above any other source. As well as accrediting the brand, the use of an influencer also allows marketers to highjack the influencer’s audience.

Putting this into context, King has over 630,000 Youtube subscribers, 2.6 million facebook followers, 10 million Instagram followers and 3.8 million followers on Vine, making him a prime influencer. With a ready made audience and original content that’s extremely shareable, King was a blessing for a brand trying to reach an online market hungry for fresh, entertaining and authentic content.

Creating authentic content that still motivates sales is a fine line, and the very essence of content marketing. Learning from the Tic Tac example, King’s video content was shot in a style synonymous with his effortless looking guerrilla-style filming and playful edits, showing us that visual techniques are imperative in creating valuable content. King’s edgy personality and fresh approach to video is also synonymous with the Tic Tac brand, adding yet another layer of authentic to the branded content.

In a highly saturated market, many brands struggle for relevance. King for Tic Tac is an excellent example of partnerships based on quality content doing a fine job of reaching a defined audience.