Monday Mashup: Digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week

31/Jan/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Each Monday we bring you digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week. If you appreciate a good pre-meeting icebreaker, this is for you.

To keep you thinking

The model, the media moguls and Mariah: a match made in heaven

Moguls who have made their dough in tabloid media are rarely uncontroversial. But you really have to rise and salute when they decide to put a little back into the entertainment ecosystem.

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How to use Facebook’s five new reactions

Facebook is rolling out five more Reactions to let users more accurately express their response. In addition to clicking like, users will soon have the option to select from a menu that also includes angry, sad, wow, haha, and love.

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Torching of vegan’s home in lamb Australia Day ad draws dozens of Ad Standards complaints

The Advertising Standards Bureau is fast-tracking an investigation into the latest Meat & Livestock Australia Lamb ad featuring Lee Lin Chin after it received dozens of complaints about the treatment of a vegan and the burning of his table in the ad.

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Conversation starters

These were the 25 most popular passwords in 2015

It turns out that many people are still terrible at picking passwords. In Splash Data’s annual list of the 25 worst passwords little has changed, with “123456” still, for some reason, topping the list.

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Controversial convos

Don’t panic, but this article was written by an algorithm

I don’t care how many times you read this opening paragraph. Study it word for word. Examine it frontwards and backwards. You won’t be able to conclusively tell whether it was written by a human or machine.

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