Why your brand should be using influencers

13/Jan/2017 · 2 MINS READ

So far, we’ve shown you the ins and outs of how your brand or product can get the most out of influencer marketing. The key is not to force a partnership where there shouldn’t be one, but rather to build a friendship over common ground.

But now that you know the how, it’s time to take a look at the why. What is it about influencer marketing that is so valuable to brands of all sizes?

Reach an engaged audience

By partnering with an influencer whose content and audience align with your brand or product, you’re taking a great step towards reaching a large group of people who are far more likely to be interested than people in say, a less targeted awareness ad campaign.

Influencer’s audiences are usually passionate about that influencer’s content, way of life and advice. So, by creating a partnership over shared values with an influencer, you’re creating a much deeper connection with your brand than anything a standard ad could achieve.

Create trust in your brand

Once you’ve established a connection with an influencer’s audience, maintaining that relationship can do wonders for your brand image.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from someone they know and 70% trust online consumer opinions. By building a partnership with an influencer, you’re ensuring that your brand is held to that high standard of trust and accessibility.

After all, that same Nielsen study says that creating branded content without an influencer to back it can have trust as low as 58%.

Influencers drive far more engagement

This lack of faith in brands is corroborated by a separate study, which found that while brands are focussing more on creating content, in-house branded content has experienced a recent drop in engagement.

Meanwhile, influencer audiences are a passionate bunch, resulting in strong engagement rates on an everyday basis. So by cultivating a relationship with these audiences, you’re making sure that their high engagement will be reflected in your results.

Decrease your work load

While creating and maintaining a partnership with an influencer certainly can be hard work, a key benefit of said partnership is that a content creator is regularly making content for and about your brand.

In effect, this avoids you having to spend as much time and resources on building new content. By involving an influencer in your content strategy, you add their ability to craft new ideas, seed content on their social platforms and maintain a relationship with their committed audience.  It also brings a fresh voice to your content.

An effective working partnership with an influencer means getting an inside track on some of the more hands-on aspects of content marketing, and this leads to higher efficiency campaigns for your brand.

Boost your searchability

As many search professionals will know, one of the keys to SEO success is links. Internal links, external links, social links – links everywhere. The more URLs which are pointing back to your site, the more likely it is that your brand will appear when searched.

25% of search results actually come from user generated social posts. So, not only does a partnership with an influencer provide you with more links back to your site, getting them to talk about your content on social media provides that additional 25% boost in subsequent search results.

Creating a connection with an influencer and their audience isn’t just a “nice to have” for a brand. As faith in corporations continues to wane, these connections offer a direct relationship with audiences in a way that is both more likely to result in future action, but also builds trust in a way that simply isn’t possible with most other standard advertising methods.