The List: the best of the best in social media

09/Jan/2017 · 2 MINS READ

Now that the holidays are over (for most of us!) we look back on some of the best social campaigns that we saw over the break.

UNICEF and David Beckham Stand Against Child Abuse

When the holidays roll around every year, they bring with them the spirit of giving to others and taking care of each other. With a plethora of causes and charities out there to support, it can take quite a lot to stand out, yet UNICEF has done just that.

Using the concept of the creative agency Blind Pig, they crafted a one-minute long video to be shared across social media. The video features a shirtless David Beckham, and though that may sound tantalising to many of you, it’s how they use his tattoos as a canvas for a message that is truly captivating.

As the camera pans around different parts of the ex-footballer, his tattoos become animated to show dark, almost disturbing, depictions of child abuse. Though animated, the effect is still extremely powerful, and it has resonated with viewers, with over 8 million Facebook views and 22,000 shares at the time of writing.

The video’s use of mega star-power, combined with its unique mode of conveying its message, creates a highly shareable piece of content, and so brings an important issue to the fore at a time when people are at their most willing to help.

It truly blurs the line between advertising and art.

Dollar Shave Club Says No To Bad Gifts

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had the feeling of unwrapping a present only to be thoroughly disappointed by what’s inside.

This is even worse for dads on Christmas. Whether it’s pungent cologne, woolly socks or a snap-back for a sports team they’ve never even heard of, our fathers have the unfortunate burden of having to ‘accidentally’ lose a lot of the gifts they’re given over the holidays.

Well, Dollar Shave Club has had enough, and they’re letting everyone on Instagram know about it with a series of satirical gifs. In them, the classic duds, like ugly sweaters and ties, cower in fear at the appearance of Dollar Shave gift pack. Animated text then appears, saying that “other gifts can’t handle a gift this good”.

Whether or not you believe a razor set is any better than cologne is up to you, but Dollar Shave Club certainly make a compelling case on Instagram.

Coca-Cola Canada Fixes the Holiday Shopping Wars

Holiday shopping can take a toll. With so many good deals going on everything from makeup to technology to family-sized turkeys, it’s no wonder people often come to find themselves fighting over the last of something in the grocery stores.

But according to Coca-Cola Canada’s social team, all of that hassle could easily be solved with an ice-cold Coke. They posted a short video on Instagram of two people arguing over some clothes, but just as it seems as if they might come to blows, one hands the other a Coke.

The result? Instant BFFs.

It’s couldn’t be simpler, yet it effectively gets the message across that Coca-Cola can help bring people together for the holidays.