Why A Small Business Will Benefit From a Content Marketing Strategy

19/May/2019 · 2 MINS READ

Content marketing is nothing new, and there’s a reason why it stuck around for so long – because it works. Small business owners who use content marketing to its full potential see 7.8 times higher traffic growth year-on-year, and it costs 62% less than traditional marketing – while pulling in close to thrice as many leads.

Considering that the failure rate of Australian small businesses exceeds 60% within the first three years of operation, something as simple as a content marketing strategy could be the difference between success and shutting up shop.

What makes a small business unique?

There are definite pros to operating in a multinational or large corporation – superior cash flow, for one thing, means you’ll never be without funds for your latest marketing venture. On the other hand, established enterprises are often shackled by sayings like ‘this is how we’ve always done things’ and ‘why should we try something new when what we’re doing works just fine?’

In contrast, a small business operates at the same pace as a start-up or solo entrepreneur. You have the capability to be agile. This means you can research content marketing tactics one day and get started on your strategy the next.

Best of all, you can do content marketing on your own. You don’t need a massive budget to write blogs, to engage on social media and to build a loyal following. It helps to have a team of content experts at your disposal, but there’s no harm in dipping your toe into the content marketing waters to find out how it can boost your business.

Key challenges for small biz owners

So what are some of the key challenges that a content marketing strategy can solve for business owners?

  • Standing out in a crowded market:Content marketing gets your businesses in front of people’s eyes. When the strategy is top-notch, you’ll find that customers will even start to follow your activities.
  • Being seen as reliable: Every business owner wants to build a solid reputation for their reliable services or product offering. So take note that “61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they are more likely to buy from that company”.
  • Engaging with young consumers: Most young people are glued to their phones all day. And while that’s not exactly a win for society in general, however, it is a positive for business owners. By engaging on social media and using SEO-driven content to reach your target audience, you can eliminate any potential generational gap and target the right audience.


Attract new customers and generate brand awareness through strategy

The key for any marketing strategy should be to engage new audiences. After all, the real reason you’re in business is to make money, right? And to make money you need a constant flow of new and existing customers.

Implementing a content-led marketing strategy does exactly that – it engages a new audience through digital means. And that audience is filled with people who will read your blogs, follow social profiles, and engage with your content.

5 simple steps to kickstart your content marketing strategy

So, what are some of the tactics a small business owner can use to kickstart their content marketing?

  1. Determine who your audience is, where they are and how you can find them (Click Here to download our audience builder tool). Also click here to read more about persona building by none other than Robert Rose.
  2. Outline your short and long-term goals and set them as ‘markers’ in your overall content marketing strategy.
  3. Scope out the competition – what are they doing that works, and how can you beat them at their own game?
  4. K.I.S.S. – in content as in marketing, simple is always best.
  5. Get help when you need it. There’s a wealth of talent out there and sometimes it’s better to invest in professional content marketers so you can spend your time on what’s most important.


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