Proof you can’t force a good story

29/Jan/2014 · 1 MINS READ

A PR company representing MasterCard (the major sponsor for the Brit Awards) asked journalists to guarantee coverage of their client as the price of attending the event AND tried to dictate what the journalists tweeted pre and post event.

The results of which are priceless!

I think this is proof that the PR industry is struggling to keep up with the shift in content marketing and brand journalism. You cannot push a story by telling journalists what to write. That’s not how it works! Mastercard’s media team should have rethought their media strategy before launching into what can only be considered as a ‘panicked’ approach to trying to secure coverage.

Read more herehttp://www.pressgazette.co.uk/journalists-seeking-accreditation-brit-awards-asked-gaurantee-coverage-sponsor-mastercard