No idea what content marketing really is?

28/Oct/2016 · 2 MINS READ

Don’t understand content marketing? We don’t blame you. It’s hard to understand when Google’s search results of “content marketing” deliver vague, jargon-loaded definitions of the term.

But we reckon we can clear up some confusion. Here’s what content marketing really is:

Content marketing means creating, curating and distributing information and entertainment (content) for a specific audience. Businesses often use content marketing as a strategy to engage, educate, find and keep customers.

Unlike advertising, content marketing is a helpful, non-invasive way to assist and interest specific people. Here are a few examples of what content is (and what it isn’t.)

What content is

Examples of content include blog posts, editorials, social media posts, newsletters, Youtube videos, podcasts, E-books or even magazines. Good content tells a great story, keeps you informed and doesn’t waste your time.

What content isn’t

Content marketing is not a television commercial, an advert in the newspaper, a logo, a bus advertisement, an ad before a video begins or a two-for-one offer on Facebook. Content marketers recognise that traditional ads can be annoying and intrusive. We know that if you want to reach a consumer you should do so in a way that’s appreciated and valued, not a popup web ad or an in-your-face commercial that plays automatically and slows down your internet.

If you have great content and strategically share it, that’s successful content marketing. Ideally, customers will seek you out due to your engaging and accessible content.

Put simply, all content marketing should add value.

Examples of content marketing

You can use content marketing to achieve different objectives. The popular company Jell-O wasn’t so well known in the early 1900s, but after the company distributed fun and delicious recipes which required their product, Jell-O sales skyrocketed. It’s funny to think that cheap and cheerful recipes for success can be compared to something like Red Bull’s skydiving stunts.

Content Strategy

The way people (users) relate to a company’s product or service is known as user experience, aka UX.  Part of UX is your content strategy. A content strategy examines an entire business and how to relate it to the user/customer. Unlike a content marketing strategy, a content strategy examines everything about the business, off and online and determines the best way to communicate it to the customer. Without a content strategy, content marketing and content marketing strategies aren’t executed as effectively.

Content Marketing Strategy

Businesses often create a strategy for their content marketing in order to plan everything from scheduling social media updates to executing content marketing campaigns.

The reason these definitions can be so challenging is partially due to the broad context of content. When you create content for content marketing, it should be educational or entertaining. When you plan your business’s content strategy, this definition of content means everything defining your product or service. Imagine a massive box, and the contents inside are everything that make up your business. From your product or service to your website to your company style guide, this is what makes up your business’s content.

Still scratching your head?

Content marketing strategy specifically has to do with distributing educational or entertaining on-brand content to current and potential customers. And the content marketing itself? This content is different from the contents of your company. Content marketing is the creative substance that helps showcase your business’s core content.
If we’ve done our job right, you’ll recognise that this very blog post is…you guessed it, content marketing!