Five great reasons why your brand needs content

03/Nov/2016 · 2 MINS READ

Content is a brave new frontier in the world of marketing. Online ads, targeting technologies and Search Engine Marketing have become part of the digital marketing landscape, but content is still an area that can be hard to define, and the growing use of the terms “content” and “content marketing” out of context can be even more confusing.

It can sometimes be difficult to imagine how content might be better for your brand than marketing techniques that have been around for much longer. But there’s a reason many brands are converting to content: when done well, it’s a cost effective and creative way to help you stand out from the crowd, increase awareness and establish your footing as a category leader. In short: it works.

Here are five ways that content marketing can help your brand.

1. It helps shape your brand’s identity

Previously it was difficult for smaller companies to stand out amongst big spenders on TV and radio. However, thanks to new technologies, demonstrating your brands identity is simpler than ever.

Whether it’s cheeky and playful like Denny’s pancake restaurants, or smooth and professional like Rolex, your brand’s personality can be given a voice through content.

And unlike broader marketing campaigns which often run in bursts, social content is always-on.

2. It allows your brand to showcase it’s creativity

The plethora of platforms available at your disposal online also means that you can reengineer your brand messages in creative (and often cost-effective) ways. Whether you’re posting a video on YouTube, well-framed shots on Instagram or just running your own blog, there’s a lot of opportunities to try something new and unique.

For example, I bet you never thought that Coca-Cola could look like a steak. Or that Target would build a virtual-reality haunted house.

3. It increases shareability

The added benefit of making content to post on social platforms is that your followers are likely to on-share any content they find entertaining or engaging. This means that your brand is building awareness not just with existing followers, but with all of their friends and followers too. This has the potential to broaden your audience well beyond what you’d normally expect of your brand.

4. It increases searchability

When it comes to being found on search engines, the general rule is that the more links you have back to your site and your social content, the more searchable you are. This means that having a regular presence on social platforms bumps you up the line organically.

In addition, if you have a blog which people are linking back to, and sharing posts across social this is an easy way to ensure people are directed back to your website (and you have a means of influencing decisions which could lead your audience on their merry way through to path to purchase).

And social media algorithms are designed to favour popular posts from consistent posters, which will also take your brand’s organic reach further on those platforms.

Essentially, the longer you keep going and regularly posting, the easier it’ll be for your audience (or potential new customers) to find you.

5. It’s a direct line to consumers

As obvious as it sounds, having the ability to directly communicate with your consumers through content provides a myriad of benefits for your brand.

Seventy percent of consumers say they’re closer to a brand whose content posts make them feel closer to a brand, and 80% prefer articles to ads when it comes time to make a decision on what to buy.

Customers are also all the more likely to take action when they know they have a clear line of communication with a brand. Effectively, social platforms become another, much more direct means of customer service.

And from your perspective, by being able to talk to your consumers, you’re able to discover exactly what it is they want out of your product or service. It’s much easier to improve your business when your customers are telling you what they want from it.

Although content marketing can feel like an unknown new frontier, this branch of marketing will prove beneficial for your business, allowing you to discover something new about your brand and explore its potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Get posting!