Inside the Inbox of… Bridget Cormack

16/Dec/2015 · 2 MINS READ

In a series we call ‘Inside the Inbox…’ we’re asking industry leaders to let us delve into their most private of places… their emails!

Today we’re exploring the inbox of Bridget Cormack, Communications & Media Manager, Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


0 UNREAD: I try to read everything before I leave the office each day.
16 DRAFT: Sometimes I abandon an email and pick up the phone instead!
3 FLAGGED: If it’s worth flagging it’s probably worth doing straight away.

1) Which inbox conversation has sparked your interest recently? 

I’ve been talking to the editor of a magazine about having one of our musicians write a first-hand account of performing in Korea on our upcoming tour to China. I always love it when I can connect a journalist with one of our musicians through a story they are both passionate about, because this ultimately makes for a great story for the reader/audience. Everyone wins.

2) Who are you emailing that inspires you?

The SSO’s Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson, who is a remarkable man with a brilliant mind and cracking sense of humour. David is a PR professional’s dream to work with; he is honest, witty and truly considers every question a journalist asks him before giving an original answer (even if he’s heard the same question before!).

3) What newsletters are you signed up to?

Too many! The ones I soak up on a regular basis are ArtsHub daily newsletter, ArtsJournal, Sponsorship News and The Guardian AU’s daily news round-up. On a personal note I rejoice in getting the newsletters from the Writers Studio in Bronte where I am currently doing a course in fiction writing. Oh, and my weekly newsletter from Box Fresh, a company that delivers me a box of veggies each week, telling me what’s in season and how to cook it.

4) Which kinds of email do you most love to receive?

I love it when we receive emails from companies who are looking to partner with the SSO on creative and unexpected projects. Recently we were approached by communications company Mango to have an ensemble of musicians perform “Heigh Ho” for morning commuters at Central Station to herald the release of Disney’s Snow White DVD. It’s always thrilling to be part of activations that surprise and delight the people of Sydney.

5) What do you think you’ll be discussing over email in six months time?

How arts companies can produce their own video content for external media outlets to complement traditional reporting. As a former newspaper journalist I am constantly amazed at the similarities between journalism and PR: we can have different objectives but we always want a good story. The media landscape has changed so rapidly during the past few years and while branded content will never replace traditional media there is definitely more space to sit alongside it.

6) Finally, you have a chance to change the world with just one email – who’s that getting sent to and why?

My goodness. Is it cynical to think you need more than one email to change the world? One thing I do know is that a thoughtful letter to a friend or family member– even if it’s of the typed variety – can make their day.