16 easy social media tips for 2016

07/Jan/2016 · 3 MINS READ

The key to keeping your New Year promises is to keep them simple and attainable. So, if you’re looking to step it up a gear with your social media efforts, here are 16 easy to implement tips for a cracking 2016.

1) If you like it, ‘like’ it

If you see that an old colleague shares a post to Linkedin or a cool image on Instagram and you like it, then ‘like’ it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to them in ten years or you accidentally connected – being passive on social media doesn’t get you anywhere. ‘Like’ the things you like and ‘share’ the things you really like.

2) Comment

Same goes for comments. If you think there’s something you can add or you want to show your support, then comment. People love to get feedback on their content so don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your thoughts.

3) Download a simple editing app

If you’re looking to up the ante on Instagram, then learning how to use a simple image editing app like Snapseed can really help improve the quality of the images you share. We don’t mean adding five filters and making your pictures look like a Tim Burton movie, but simple quality control like contrast, brightness and saturation are a must.

4) Automate

If you don’t have the luxury of time, look into scheduling your social media content using automated tools like Hootsuite or ScheduGram, which is particularly useful for Instagram. Just an hour a week can save you an incredible amount of time.

5) Use relevant hashtags

Posting content to Instagram without using hashtags at all is like taking a beautiful photo and keeping in your drawer. If you’re looking for new followers they need to be able to find you.

6) The power of six

Do you ever remember being told that through the connections of your connections you’re basically on first name terms with the Queen of England? No? Well, it’s true – in a sense. Tapping into your friend’s network is a sure way to start to grow your own. Don’t be afraid to ask some of your closest to share your content.

7) Connect with purpose

When adding people on Linkedin (side tip: add people on Linkedin) make sure you’re doing it for a reason, and let them know what that reason is. Even if it’s as simple as ‘we have similar interests and I would like to connect and share updates’, people are much more likely to respond if you have a purpose.

8) Be honest

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to sharing content. People do business with people so don’t be afraid to show the real you. Like we said above, if you like it, then ‘like’ it. If you have an idea, then share it. It’s so easy to overthink your content sometimes and kill an idea before it has began. If you keep things honest and take a chance on your idea, then you will find social media much easier to master.

9) Have fun

Similar to above, having fun is also important. You don’t have to be serious all the time – share updates from the office, a staff party or a great local initiative. Mix up your feeds with things you find entertaining – the things that make you tick.

10) Geo-tags

Increasingly – especially on Instagram – people search using geo-tags. The geo-tag is there for you to locate your image and should be ultilised as an extra search mechanism.

11) Mix it up – Boomerang, stop-motion, collage, video, slow mo.

Apple and Instgram are doing a pretty good job of putting new content tools in your hands, so use them! Boomerang creates simple loop videos that boomerang back and forth, stop motion is a great way to liven up a reasonably normal activity and slow motion can bring to life the finer details of a video. They are easy to produce and are an incredibly popular form of content.

12) Don’t be afraid of your competition

We know businesses who avoid their competition like the plague on social media – not following or engaging with them at all. Your competitors are there for a reason – they must have something to offer. Shying away from them online could mean you miss vital updates and trends.

13) Do something everyday

Whatever you do – be it liking posts, adding people on Linkedin, commenting on interesting posts or posting your own content – do it every day. Just a little each day goes a long long way.

14) Add your social media pages to your email signature

Incorporate your social media links into your email signature so that everyone you contact online knows exactly how to follow you. If you only do one thing on this list, make it this.

15) Short and sweet is better than nothing

Writing blog posts can be daunting – what to say, how long, how to form an engaging argument?! If this is stopping you from even starting then keep your posts short and sweet. Use a recent image you took, a video you watched (we did something similar here) or even just describe something you have overheard. Short and sweet really is better than nothing.

16) Ask for help

Ultimately you’re only one person, and if you’re struggling to keep on top of things then get help. It doesn’t have to be a new employee or intern – even asking someone to bounce ideas around with you can give you the motivation to keep up the good work.