How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Marketing Campaigns

26/Mar/2019 · 2 MINS READ

Sci-fi dreams of yesteryear are now modern solutions for any business worth its salt. The cloud and automation have all captured the zeitgeist, but it’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that offers businesses owners a chance to leapfrog their competition and dominate their market.

Indeed, AI is already a multi-billion-dollar industry, and its total worth is set to approach $90 billion by 2025. The same technologies being harnessed by global corporations can be harnessed by SMBs – if you have the desire to leverage them.

So, what are the business advantages of Artificial Intelligence? And in particular, how can Artificial Intelligence boost marketing campaigns?

1. Audience

The whole point of AI is to:

  • a) make your job easier; and
  • b) take care of all the nitty-gritty research and analysis.


When it comes to AI in marketing, it can seek out ‘predictive audiences’ so you know exactly who to target. Research from Blueshift found that this can increase conversion events – such as completed orders, filled-out forms and subscription upgrades – by 28%.

Being able to target and segment audiences with AI is hugely beneficial to locating your ideal customer base, and it also saves you time and money. No wonder 70% of advertisers worldwide are either currently using or planning to use AI to boost their audience tactics.

2. Content

For content marketers, AI is already handling a range of complex and time-consuming tasks. AI can parse through large amounts of data to strategies. AI is also able to generate written content, albeit it is still in its infancy, and cannot capture the ‘human’ element of natural language.

Perhaps most importantly, AI is assisting actual journalists, writers and content marketers with the content-curation process. The technology can sift through the garbage and use its findings to reveal what’s actually engaging and relevant to readers. From there, the human keyboard specialists can push high-quality content that they know will hit the mark with their audience.

3. Measurement

A recent report from Forrester describes AI as being the catalyst for turning marketing into a ‘faster, more targeted and less manual’ process. If true, that’s great news for all parties – even the measurement experts in marketing companies. Why? Because measurement spans so many fields.

With the pace of industry change, and the sheer amount of data, those measurement experts need to sift through – including everything from lead generation to on-site engagement, social media ROI, web traffic and more – AI could be the helping hand that automates the most time-consuming functions.

4. Artificial Intelligence based advertising

Creativity is at the heart of a vast majority of advertising. We are not sure anyone believes AI would be able to come up with a campaign as engaging, humorous and memorable as something like Carlton Draught’s Big Ad.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a place for AI in advertising. In fact, despite CMO budgets receding last year, marketers are increasing their AI spend and using it to determine exactly where their advertisements should be placed.

When you consider how expensive digital advertising can be for any marketing campaign, investing in AI to find the right home for your ads seems like a wise idea.

Like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay. If you’re looking to optimise your marketing campaigns, and learn how to engage your audience, you can’t look past AI.