Vittoria Product Shoot

A product shoot for new line of packaging

Client Name:
Vittoria Coffee

Product Photography


Vittoria Product Shoot
A product shoot for new line of packaging


Vittoria Coffee, a brand synonymous with exceptional coffee, faced the challenge of refreshing their product range to stay ahead in the competitive market. The goal was to capture the essence of their new product line through a vibrant and contemporary product shoot.


Our team embarked on an ambitious journey to reimagine Vittoria Coffee’s product suite. The process involved:


Pre-Production Planning: Intensive planning to align the shoot with Vittoria Coffee’s brand vision and product specifications.


Collaborative Execution: Working closely with the Vittoria Coffee team, ensuring every aspect of the product range was showcased effectively.


Efficient Turnaround: The entire project, from conception to final delivery, was completed within a tight timeframe of just a couple of weeks.


The product shoot was a resounding success, exceeding expectations:


Client Satisfaction: Vittoria Coffee’s team was deeply involved and incredibly pleased with the final outcomes.


Brand Reinforcement: The refreshed product visuals significantly enhanced Vittoria Coffee’s brand image, aligning it with modern aesthetics and consumer preferences.


Why It Worked

Rapid Execution: Our ability to deliver high-quality results in a condensed timeframe was key to the project’s success.


Client Collaboration: Active involvement and feedback from Vittoria Coffee ensured the final product truly represented their vision.


Creative Excellence: Our team’s creative expertise brought a fresh perspective to Vittoria Coffee’s esteemed product range.


This case study highlights how a well-executed product shoot can revitalise a brand and bring a new dimension to its product offerings.