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Case Study Content for Consultancy

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DB Results

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DB Results
Case Study Content for Consultancy


As a new client in the consultancy space, DB Results sought our expertise to create engaging case study content that showcased the impact and innovation of their work with their clients. The goal was to communicate the efficiency and creativity of their services in a compelling and widely accessible format.



Our strategy unfolded in a fast-paced and multi-layered manner:

Rapid Interview and Case Study Creation: Conducted a swift and thorough interview with one of DB Results’ clients. Transformed the interview into a detailed case study, highlighting the effectiveness and innovation of DB Results’ consultancy services.
Development of an Animated Video: Used the case study as a foundation to produce an animated video.
This format allowed for a dynamic and engaging representation of DB Results’ success story.
Creation of Social Media Tiles: Designed a suite of social media tiles to further amplify the case study’s reach.
Tailored for various platforms, these tiles were crafted to capture attention and drive engagement.



The project marked a significant success in content creation and marketing:

Compelling Storytelling: The case study and animated video effectively showcased the value DB Results brings to its clients.
Enhanced Online Presence: The social media tiles extended the reach of the case study, engaging a broader audience.
Client Satisfaction: DB Results was pleased with the speed and quality of the content, and its effectiveness in highlighting their consultancy prowess.


Why It Worked

Speed and Efficiency: Our ability to quickly gather information and turn it into a captivating narrative was key to the project’s success.
Multimedia Approach: Utilising various formats (written case study, animated video, social media tiles) ensured a wide and impactful dissemination of the content.
Focus on Innovation: Highlighting DB Results’ innovative approach in the content resonated well with the target audience, setting them apart in the consultancy space.


This case study demonstrates how fast-paced content creation and a multi-channel marketing approach can effectively communicate a consultancy firm’s success and innovative methods.