Content Strategy for Leading Water Tank Brand

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Content Strategy


Content Strategy for Leading Water Tank Brand


Kingspan, a renowned brand in the water tank industry, has firmly established itself among large builders. Their next strategic move? Forming robust connections with small builders in the SME space. This shift required a nuanced understanding of this new target market and a revamped marketing approach to resonate with these smaller-scale builders.



To navigate this transition, we developed a comprehensive content strategy that pivoted on three pivotal steps:


In-depth Interviews with Kingspan’s Team: We initiated our journey by diving deep into the insights and experiences of Kingspan’s internal team. Understanding their perspectives helped us align the new strategy with the company’s ethos and strengths.


Research on Small Builders’ Habits and Influencers: The cornerstone of our strategy was a thorough research phase focused on the habits, preferences, and decision-making factors influencing small builders. This step was critical in tailoring our content to be genuinely relevant and appealing to this audience.


Development of a Multi-channel Marketing Strategy: Armed with insights, we crafted a multi-channel marketing strategy. This strategy centered around:


Ambassador Relationships: Utilising well-known personalities to establish trust and relatability.
Radio Advertising: Gaining reach through the channels builder listen to all day.
Paid Media Distribution: Leveraging targeted platforms to ensure optimal reach and engagement.


Our strategy was met with an enthusiastic response from Kingspan. It marked a significant shift in their marketing approach, steering them towards uncharted territory with confidence and excitement. Early indicators suggest a positive reception from the small builder community, laying the groundwork for lasting relationships in this new market segment.

Why It Worked

Targeted Research: By understanding the small builder segment intimately, our strategy was grounded in relevance and authenticity.
Leveraging Personalities: Using familiar voices in radio helped humanize Kingspan’s brand, making it more approachable to small-scale builders.
Adaptability and Innovation: Kingspan’s willingness to explore new marketing avenues and adapt to a different customer base was crucial to the strategy’s success.


This case study exemplifies Kingspan’s strategic pivot and our role in helping them connect with a new, dynamic market segment.