Flexispray x Bunnings

No social profiles? No worries! How our client achieved 45% increase in sales from TikTok Diversion Ads.

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Flexispray - GWA Group

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Flexispray x Bunnings
No social profiles? No worries! How our client achieved 45% increase in sales from TikTok Diversion Ads.


Flexispray, a company specialising in bathroom fittings, wanted to leverage the power of social media to efficiently reach a larger audience and boost website traffic for their rail shower products, without the need for previously established social media channels. The objective was to drive foot traffic to Bunnings by showing just how easy the Flexispray showers are to install.



Our strategy to swiftly launched the brand into the social sphere, and included:


Exploring TikTok: With the growing popularity of DIY content on TikTok, we saw it as a platform where Flexispray could engage with this consumer segment effectively and increase brand visibility within the digital space.

Creator Generated Videos: We collaborated with content creators to film 30-60 second videos showcasing the installation process of the Flexispray rail shower. These videos were designed with specific concepts and hooks tailored to capture the attention of our target audience. This approach provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the ease of product installation, show the shower in use, and convey overall customer satisfaction—all in one video without the need for high-cost production.

TikTok Diversion Ads: The creator videos were then utilised as TikTok diversion ads, enabling the brand to highlight their products on the platform without requiring an existing account. With this ad format, users can click through directly to an external product page, providing Flexispray an easy avenue for social advertising.

Cost Effective Brand Exposure: The use of creator-led diversion ads allowed the brand to maximise exposure without the need for an established TikTok presence or high-production content, bypassing the typical time and financial investments required for social channel launches. This strategy served as a cost-effective test to gauge audience response and provided valuable internal learnings for Flexispray.



The TikTok campaign provided Flexispray a strong start in creating brand awareness across TikTok.

Engaging Content: The creator generated videos effectively demonstrated the Flexispray rail shower installation, drawing intrigue from a large audience in the DIY and home renovation space.

Brand Amplification: The campaign played a pivotal role in creating a TikTok presence for Flexispray, introducing the brand as a go-to resource for bathroom projects. Additionally, the ads led to a 45% average increase in sales on the Bunnings website throughout the campaign period, contributing to a positive shift in the brand’s digital footprint.

Client Satisfaction: The campaign garnered over 677,000 impressions, 9,782 clicks and outperformed average industry KPIs. Flexispray, along with Bunnings, who backed the campaign, were thrilled with its positive outcome with an increase in sales of 45%. This has led to further promotion of the campaign videos on Bunnings’ platforms and more TikTok collaborations with Flexispray. These new campaigns will not only further target consumer audiences, but also expand to include a more targeted audience of those working in the trades. Additionally, they will feature a broader range of creative video concepts and benefit from an increased timeframe and budget to support their execution.



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