Confidence Club

Product photography to support suite of incontinence products

Client Name:
Confidence Club

Product Photography


Confidence Club
Product photography to support suite of incontinence products


Confidence Club, specialising in incontinence products, aimed to challenge the stigma and secrecy often associated with such products. The objective was to conduct a product shoot that not only showcased the products effectively but also humanized them, making them accessible and destigmatised.


To achieve this, we undertook a sensitive and inclusive approach:

Talent Sourcing: Selecting models who resonated with the product’s user base, emphasizing authenticity and relatability.

Client Collaboration: Working closely with Confidence Club during the shoot to ensure the products were depicted in a respectful and empowering light.

Storytelling Through Imagery: Focusing on creating visuals that told a story of pride and confidence, rather than secrecy and embarrassment.


The product shoot was a triumph in rebranding incontinence products:

Positive Reception: The approachable and dignified portrayal of the products was well-received, resonating with the target audience.

Client Delight: Confidence Club was extremely satisfied with the outcome, leading to further collaborations.

Brand Transformation: The shoot played a pivotal role in transforming the perception of incontinence products from a ‘secret purchase’ to a proud, normal part of life.

Why It Worked

Empathetic Representation: By focusing on humanising and destigmatising the products, the imagery struck a chord with the audience.

Client Engagement: Active involvement from Confidence Club ensured the brand’s ethos was perfectly captured.

Creative Storytelling: The use of relatable talent helped in telling a story that was both empowering and authentic.


This case study showcases how a thoughtful and empathetic approach to product photography can transform public perception and bring a sense of pride to a sensitive product category.