Social Media Marketing for Interior Cladding and Home Design

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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing for Interior Cladding and Home Design


Easycraft, specialising in cladding products, faced a unique challenge in marketing their offerings. The complex installation process made content production demanding, and there was a need to create more engaging and accessible content to reach a broader audience.



Our multi-faceted and adaptive strategy included:

Expanding Designer Networks: Collaborated with a network of designers to generate fresh and appealing content.
This approach allowed for showcasing the cladding in various design contexts, making it more relatable and attractive to potential customers.

Launching on New Social Media Platforms: Introduced Easycraft to TikTok, targeting a wider, more diverse audience.
The platform’s dynamic nature allowed for creative and engaging content delivery, significantly increasing brand visibility.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Utilised LinkedIn’s professional network for targeted lead generation.
This strategy helped in reaching out to industry professionals and potential B2B clients.



The results of our long-standing partnership with Easycraft were exceptional:

Growth in Social Media Presence: Successful growth and engagement on various social platforms, particularly TikTok.

Increased Brand Affinity: Through creative content strategies, we fostered a strong connection between Easycraft and its consumer base.

Sustained Client Relationship: Our consistent performance and innovative approaches cemented a long-term and fruitful partnership with Easycraft.


Why It Worked

Innovative Content Strategies: Tapping into new platforms and leveraging designer networks allowed us to create compelling content that resonated with a diverse audience.

Adaptability: Our ability to adapt to the unique challenges of marketing cladding products was crucial in achieving success.

Focus on Relationship Building: The long-term partnership approach with Easycraft enabled us to deeply understand and effectively communicate their brand values.

This case study showcases how innovative social media strategies and a focus on engaging content can transform the marketing approach for a niche product like cladding, leading to increased brand affinity and a robust online presence.