Access Group

Messaging Hierarchy and Animated Suite of Videos

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Access Group

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Access Group
Messaging Hierarchy and Animated Suite of Videos


Access Group was at a pivotal juncture, relaunching their product offerings under a new umbrella of product suites. This transformation required not just a new brand messaging and hierarchy, but also an innovative way to introduce each product suite to their audience.



Our strategy hinged on two main phases:


Collaborative Brainstorming and Strategy Development: Conducted intensive brainstorming sessions with Access Group’s team and our content strategist. Focused on reorganising and refining the messaging hierarchy to align with the new brand direction.

Creation of Animated Video Suites: Translated the newly developed messaging into a suite of engaging animated videos.
Each video was designed to succinctly introduce and explain the features and benefits of the individual product suites.


The project was a resounding success, marked by:


Unified Messaging: The new brand messaging was coherent, clear, and well-received by all stakeholders.
Effective Communication: The animated videos provided a compelling and accessible introduction to each product suite.
Stakeholder Satisfaction: Successfully managing and aligning multiple stakeholders’ perspectives was a key achievement.

Why It Worked

Strategic Collaboration: Bringing together diverse viewpoints through brainstorming sessions led to a well-rounded and effective messaging strategy.
Creative Execution: The use of animated videos as a medium was an innovative approach that effectively communicated complex information in an engaging way.
Stakeholder Management: Our ability to navigate and align multiple stakeholders’ interests was crucial in developing a cohesive brand message.


This case study exemplifies how strategic thinking, collaborative brainstorming, and creative execution can redefine a brand’s messaging and effectively introduce new product suites to a varied audience.