Bespoke Careers

A Content Strategy for Global Recruitment Brand

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Bespoke Careers

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Bespoke Careers
A Content Strategy for Global Recruitment Brand


Bespoke Careers, operating globally, faced the complex task of developing a content strategy that resonated with diverse audiences in the UK, USA, and Australia. The challenge was to create a unified yet regionally relevant strategy that catered to the unique needs of recruiters and recruitees in each market.



Our approach was multifaceted and globally inclusive:

Global Market Research: Conducted in-depth interviews with Bespoke Careers’ clients across the UK, USA, and Australia.
Gathered insights on regional preferences and expectations of both recruiters and recruitees.
Developing a Tailored Content Strategy: Integrated the feedback and insights into a comprehensive content strategy.
Ensured the strategy was flexible enough to cater to the distinct characteristics of each market while maintaining a cohesive brand voice.
Reorganising the Marketing Team: Assisted in restructuring Bespoke Careers’ marketing team. Enabled the team to respond more effectively to the localised needs and dynamics of each region.



The project was a triumph in global strategy implementation:

Effective Regional Targeting: The new content strategy successfully addressed the specific needs and preferences of each geographical market.
Enhanced Team Efficiency: The reorganisation of the marketing team led to improved responsiveness and effectiveness in each region.
Client Satisfaction: Bespoke Careers expressed high satisfaction with the outcomes, noting the strategy’s relevance and impact across their global operations.


Why It Worked

Inclusive Research: By including voices from all key markets, the strategy was built on a foundation of diverse, real-world insights.
Strategic Flexibility: The ability to create a strategy that was both globally coherent and locally adaptable was key to its success.
Dual Focus: Combining content strategy with business strategy allowed for a holistic approach to meeting the client’s needs.


This case study highlights how a blend of thorough market research, adaptable content strategy, and strategic business restructuring can create a successful global marketing approach.