Visual storytelling: Are you on trend?

16/Aug/2016 · 1 MINS READ

If the abundance of innovations recently made to Instagram and Snapchat are anything to go by, visual content has cemented its place as a powerful tool for content marketers.

As an agency, we’ve seen an increased demand for visual content and a better audience engagement with visuals rather than traditional long form blogs. Our brains are far more engaged by visual stories than lists of facts and figures, making visual content a key way to cut through the noise and make your brand story impactful.

Why the visual trend?

From a production perspective…

Watching your visual content soar to new peaks of engagement, generate conversation and get shared throughout various socialnetworks is a highlight in the day of any content marketer. But from a production perspective, visual content provides you with a wealth of content that is suitable for multiple audiences and platforms.

Your infographic doesn’t just have to be an infographic- if it includes seven statistics with visuals, that’s seven social posts ready for scheduling.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat… need we go on? Your visual content is perfect for ALL these platforms and more.

Give both sides of your brain some exercise and think about creative ways to present reports, figures, and statistics. Visual give a new life to monthly reports and presentations.

Our favourite visual forms of content