The List: The best of the best in social media.

31/Jul/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Welcome to The List: a roundup of the best current social media campaigns.


Love or hate Starbucks, they’re doing a few things right with their 36 million fans on Facebook.  We love this with a clever caption, great people-focused photo and most importantly,  a demonstration that they are invested in local community and not just getting rich off their Frappuccinos. A clever caption is just foam on the latte!


To be fair, you couldn’t ask for a more social-media-perfect product than a GoPro, and GoPro knows this. Their Instagram account has nine million followers and great images. We particularly love this one which, in one image, encapsulates GoPro as a great tool while also demonstrating its larger essence as a brand. It can take you to new places, introduce you to different cultures, change your life. By cross promoting @mountaindarlin, users are able to further delve into the experiences of GoPro.


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JetStar Australia

Like Starbucks demonstrating its corporate social responsibility, Jetstar is doing a great job showing it does more for the world than provide affordable airfares to Australians. This video and caption on their Facebook page demonstrates the other work they’re doing on the ground to positively impact the world around them. By showcasing their charitable endeavors, they are strengthening their brand in a way that’s far better than offering customers discount flights.


Telstra has suffered in the media lately due to poor phone service. The telecommunications giant has begun repositioning itself as a technology company rather than a telecommunications company. They are doing this across their social platforms. A short ad they shared on Twitter is effective in under 15 seconds demonstrating how technology is a way for people to connect with their loved ones. Short and sweet= effective.