The List: The best of the best in social media

15/Nov/2016 · 2 MINS READ

Welcome to The List: a roundup of the best current social media campaigns.

C U in the NT

Though this social campaign isn’t officially tied to the Northern Territory government or tourism board, it’s instant virality makes it an important case study in how brands can flirt with controversy in order to reach more people.

And the mystery surrounding its creators only makes it all the more intriguing. After hearing of the Northern Territory’s tourism problems, especially as compared to other states, an anonymous guerrilla group labelling themselves “Official NT” began the campaign.

By boldly incorporating into their slogan a swear word that many Aussies associate with their true-blue culture, but others can easily be offended by, the campaign immediately grabs people’s attention.

Predictably, the reaction to the campaign has been very mixed, with many users labelling the campaign as one of the best they’ve ever seen, while others have expressed their shock at such vulgarity.

But depending on the tone of a brand, is it okay if messaging like this can be a little of both? After all, it was this popular discussion that led the branding campaign for the unofficial “Official NT” website to be covered on major news sites across the country.

If your brand can bear to be cheeky, a slight controversy may just create the discussion you need. Tread carefully though, these are dangerous waters.

V Skills Viral Videos

V energy drinks’ latest campaign across YouTube and social platforms is nothing if not an inspired re-imagining of the brand.

The brand created hilarious short vignettes using local Aussie YouTube talent, like RackaRacka and Aunty Donna. These videos feature how-to’s for non-essential life skills, like Archery and Jumping Over Stuff.

With this campaign, V is embracing its position as the local Aussie underdog when compared to the international behemoth that is Red Bull. In doing so, it’s developed a personality that’s far more tongue-in-cheek than its previous attempts which were very similar to Red Bull’s campaigns.

And this can serve as a lesson for all local market underdogs. By creating content with a focus on what makes your brand and your local market unique, rather than trying to emulate your larger competitors, you’ll create something that is far more likely to capture your audience’s attention.

Qantas Explores Destinations with VR

Innovating with new technologies is always a smart move, and that’s exactly what Qantas have done with their device-agnostic 360-degree video VR experiences.

Showing off some of Australia’s most iconic locations, these videos are accessible on YouTube or in the Qantas VR app on devices as simple as Google cardboard all the way up to the high-concept Oculus Rift.

It’s something that has to be seen to be believed, and some of the underwater environments are stunning to experience. It’s a concept Qantas want to keep developing over the next few months, and we can’t wait to see more.