The List: The best of the best in social media

12/Oct/2016 · 2 MINS READ

Welcome to The List: a roundup of the best current social media campaigns.


Coca-Cola for Foodies

When your brand is as historic as Coca-Cola’s, coming up with new ideas for content could become a challenge particularly with social media, as it’s hard to stand out and consistently post unique content.

Enter a recent Instagram series by Coca-Cola that doesn’t just focus on their products, but also on a topic many people on the platform are enamoured by: food.

These well-designed pieces of #foodporn make the connection between the brand and your love for steak. What better to accompany your beautifully plated meal than a cool Coca-Cola beverage?

The fact that the food is always playfully shaped like a bottle of Coke is just icing on this creative cake: it’s a new take on a historic brand that changes the way you look at it, all while offering up new possibilities of how to enjoy it. The subtle branding in the red of the steak and the red, white and black pepper contribute to the clever idea.

It’s a campaign that’s masterful in its simplicity.

NAB’s AFL Snapchat Filter

Banks can sometimes have a hard time with social content: after all, the average person probably finds the daily fluctuations of the finance sector a little dry.

But a recent NAB campaign seizes on something many Australians are fascinated by: AFL.

They partnered with Snapchat to design a NAB-sponsored filter that turns anyone into an AFL Star, and they released this bizarre yet adorable YouTube video to go alongside it: watch as children playing AFL suddenly sprout beards!

By associating themselves with the AFL on a platform such as Snapchat, NAB have created an aura of playfulness and fun that can be really hard for financial brands to capture. This campaign lets the average Australian relate to a bank in a new way.

Mango Industry’s Emoji Appeal

Here in Australia, summer is just around the corner, and that means many Australians will be enjoying the yearly tradition of eating our way through the heat with mangoes.

With the season due to begin, the Australian Mango Industry Association has started a social media appeal for a mango emoji to be created by the emoji gods over at Unicode Consortium. Using the hashtag “#MangoEmojiPlease”, the group hopes to get the Australian public involved in this campaign to get us a mango emoji.

The best part for them? Even if they lose, people are talking about and sharing their love of mangoes, which can only benefit the industry.

Like NAB, by focusing on a classic Aussie passion and mixing it in with social media, the AMIA have found a way to get people talking about them in a way that’s both new and fun.

Summer is when Australia comes out to play, and if brands can create social content around classic Aussie traditions, they’re a lot more likely to get people talking.