The List: The best of the best in social media

05/Sep/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Welcome to The List: a roundup of the best current social media campaigns.

Reyka Vodka 

Instagram’s latest update lets users zoom in to check out all of the finer details of an image, and Reyka Vodka has jumped in on this new feature with a post that’s sure to entertain their followers.

The post shows off a map of Iceland in the ocean. Users can then zoom in to check out all of the various features of Reyka Vodka’s home country. It’s a fun way to make people interact with their brand that excels in its simplicity. It also gives those regular office-goers the high of discovering a new place, almost as if they’d travelled to Iceland for a moment.


When a product has the recognition and popularity of Nutella, you could almost forgive it for being a little narcissistic, but the brand’s new content series on Facebook heroes the little guy.

“Nutella Heroes” is all about celebrating and rewarding people who use Nutella in their recipes. Not only have local cafes been featured over the last two weeks, but the comments sections are filled with people tagging each other to say thanks for the great cakes, muffins, etc.

These posts make Nutella more than just a brand, they turn it into a community of shared ideas and stories.


This YouTube ad from Target hits so many of the notes we like to see from social content.

Partnering with Star Wars, Target has created an engaging piece of video content that not only evokes all the emotions of being a Star Wars fan, but that also reminds us how inclusive the series is.

With short testimonials (expanded on the official Star Wars site) and the swelling musical masterpieces from John Williams, the video makes us feel united in our love of Star Wars. We may all have different professions, genders or races, but, no matter what, we are all rebels.


An honourable mention has to go to KFC. They followed up on Instagram’s latest zoom update with a cheeky post of their own.

It’s just a simple photo of their chicken nuggets, but with the Nugget Fever that’s sweeping the nation, who wouldn’t want to take a closer look?