Wednesday Wake Up: Digital media news and conversation starters to get you over hump day

28/Jun/2016 · 1 MINS READ

This Wednesday we bring you digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week. If you appreciate a good pre-meeting icebreaker, this is for you.

Ten Slack the Facebook slayer: What if the future of the social web begins in an office? 

Facebook may be devouring the web, but Slack is increasingly nibbling on a significant portion of it.
The group-chat platform announced on Tuesday that it’s partnering with 12 companies to introduce what it calls “message buttons.” The idea is that key functions from outside apps—like using Kayak to search for a flight, or using Greenhouse to approve a document—can be accomplished from within Slack, with the click of a button.

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13 worst crisis communication mistakes

There are 13 key elements to creating a successful crisis communications strategy. Tony Jaques provides tongue-in-cheek examples of how companies continue to get even the basics wrong.

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Is branded virtual reality content the next frontier in marketing?

Two of the shiniest objects in marketing in 2016 are branded content and virtual reality, so it’s no surprise that the two collided during the Cannes Lions advertising festival in France this week.

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Lessons from the tech elite: eat carrots, shower more and tape up your webcam

Zuckerberg is not the only tech CEO with odd habits that you should replicate in the pursuit of unstoppable success. Here’s what else you should do if you really want to make it.

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US Customs wants to collect social media account names at the border

Your Twitter handle may soon be part of the US visa process. Yesterday, US Customs and Border Protection entered a new proposal into the federal register, suggesting a new field in which persons entering the country can declare their various social media accounts and screen names.

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