Monday Mashup: Digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week

03/Apr/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Each Monday we bring you digital media news and conversation starters to get you through the week. If you appreciate a good pre-meeting icebreaker, this is for you.

To keep you thinking

A study of 16 billion e-mails reveals distinct patterns in our e-mail behaviour

We now have some clues about typical e-mail response patterns, thanks to a recent study drawing on 16 billion e-mails sent by more than two million people.

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Are you a grammar pedant? This might be why

Researchers found that introverts were more likely than extroverts to rate people as poor potential housemates if their spelling or grammar was bad. There were other findings – agreeable people, perhaps unsurprisingly, were easygoing when it came to grammos.

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Masters of the internet: how savvy teens rule social media

Not long ago they would all have been written off as being famous for being famous, but that cliché is proving a blinkered one. It fails to comprehend how a wave of kids who grew up on YouTube are making a career out of it, in ways that frankly often baffle their elders.

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Conversation starters

Now you can impress your friends with bold, italics and strikethrough in WhatsApp

If you’re a WhatsApp user — and the chances are high since more than one billion people open the app each month — you might be interested to know that the chat app just added some neat new formatting options. Now you can use bolditalics and strikethrough in your messages with friends and family.

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Controversial convos

Do not blame Google Maps when you tear down the wrong house

Google admitted to CNN Money this afternoon that Maps messed up the address. “Google Maps did indeed show incorrect information for the houses in question,” a spokesperson said. “The issue was fixed as soon as it was brought to our attention.”

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