Inspirational Influencer: YouTube Sensation Lilly Singh

08/Aug/2016 · 1 MINS READ

Lilly Singh is a perfect example and advocate for the power of digital media and video. Just named one of the Adweek 20 best content creators, she is more commonly known on Youtube as IISuperwomanII. Her collective videos have 1.3 billion views, and she collaborates with various brands including Coca Cola, and makeup brand Smashbox, to promote their products.

With 4.3 million followers on her Instagram account and a book titled How To Be A Bawse about to be released, Singh’s using a combined power of visual and written content to keep her hungry fans satisfied.

According to Wikipedia, The twenty-seven-year-old Canadian YouTube personality was raised in Toronto, but her parents are from Punjab, India. She began making YouTube videos in 2010 as a way to deal with her depression.  Her website keeps her content up-to-date, and along with Instagram and YouTube, she’s active on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Here’s her most famous video with 20 million views, “How Girls Get Ready”. A pretty silly video, however it is cleverly compiled and instantly relatable:

Here’s one of her “Share A Coke” ads, which has a natural feel, (and gives us the warm fuzzies):

As brands big and small seek innovative ways to promote their content, it’s inspiring to see content marketing help artists like Lilly, who are using social platforms naturally and artistically to rise to stardom. Singh is being rewarded for her undoubtable comedic and creative appeal while simultaneously promoting brand awareness, which is a win-win situation in our book.

According to Singh, “Gone are the days of testing this platform. That is so 2013. YouTube is proven, and the audience is here.”

Singh can teach brands a valuable lesson: rather than think about what other brands or Youtube stars were doing, she just tried to be herself and capture the essence of what is relatable and current. She listens to her audience and gives them what they want, rather than trying to sell them something that they aren’t interested in. The end result is that her collaborations seamlessly integrate into her content.