How “Firing Dave” was a Masterclass in Twitter Content

26/Sep/2016 · 1 MINS READ

The betting business is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries in Australia. With seemingly endless options in pubs and on mobile it can be very challenging for any one brand to stand out from the crowd. Often the smaller betting players in Australia need to stand out from larger international players with huge advertising and marketing budgets. One of the ways they achieve this this is by being extremely agile and innovative.

With the right content strategy, even a smaller business can make a big impression. Which is why, when the Luxbet Twitter account was “hacked” last Thursday by a disgruntled ex-employee, it stood out when compared to other betting brands, whose content generally focuses around the same tired, bloke-y sports content.

It all kicked off when “Dave”, a fictional employee of Luxbet’s social team, used the Luxbet Twitter account to post a photo of a termination notice. From there, Dave went on to “hack” the page with images that looked like they’d been designed in Microsoft Paint.

He also posted a cat video, saying it would get more engagement than the usual sporting content, poked fun at Luxbet’s newly launched app by renaming it “Davebet”, and offered to buy pizza with his company card for anyone who hashtagged the day’s events.

Of course, Luxbet eventually revealed that this had all been a hoax, but, in the meantime, the hashtag #SaveDave was trending in Australia and the promised pizzas were delivered.

While it remains to be seen if this stunt has a long-term, positive effect (in fact, it was criticized by some as a cheap hoax), this zany way of promoting the new Luxbet app certainly got everyone’s attention on the day and not only this- it encapsulated the playful spirit of their target audience. It even made headlines on mainstream outlets like the Daily Mail, Mumbrella and The West Australian online.

Effectively, by investing their time and energy on creating a unique story on Twitter, Luxbet made sure almost everyone on the platform knew about their new product. In doing so, they showed that good content doesn’t always have to be directly related to your industry in order to stand out.

And while misleading your audience may not always be advisable, it can certainly pay to be wacky, weird and willing to make fun of yourself. At the very least, you’ll stand out from the crowd.