How are you telling your story?

29/Aug/2015 · 1 MINS READ

If you’re a business owner who’s ever wondered “do my customers really want to know that?” or “do the really care about this?” then you’re likely suffering from what marketers like to deem as being ‘too close to the business’ (in real-people talk this means not being able to see the value in what you’re doing as to you it seems like trivial everyday business).

I recently had a very similar discussion with a new client who’s in the process of building a bar. They were concerned that they didn’t really have anything to say from a content perspective as the venue isn’t yet open and is full of bricks and tiles and workmen and hard hats etc…

What they didn’t see is that they were living the dream of virtually everyone who’s ever had a conversation that’s ended with “you know what, we should just open a bar!!” (In other words… everyone)

From a content perspective they have so much to offer it’s almost hard to know where to begin. They have the opportunity to literally show their audience the build of the bar from the ground up and involve potential customers in the decision-making process. By asking questions such as “should we choose this tile or THIS tile?!” they give anyone who’s ever dreamt of owning their bar the chance to live vicariously through their content.

In an industry saturated with food and beverages we’ve helped them find a very unique point of difference. They will become the bar that people will feel like they helped build – a place that people can live their dreams through and literally be a part of.

It’s not that they didn’t have a story, it’s that they didn’t value their story. They were so involved with the everyday that they didn’t stop to evaluate how their everyday life was someone else’s dream life.

If you can relate to this, then get in touch. We’d be happy to help you map out a more strategic approach to content production.