5 ways to create amazing Christmas content

20/Dec/2016 · 2 MINS READ

Whether a company is a small local business or a huge international corporation, the holiday season always offers plenty of opportunities for brands to have a presence on social media platforms.
But it’s knowing where to start that can be a challenge. After all, with so many different brand personalities out there, you have to find a way to integrate holiday content that suits your business, or your posts might come off as forced.

Luckily, we’re here with five different ways to craft your branded holiday content!

1. Make it about the decorations

When it comes to holiday posts on social media, it’s best to find the theme that best matches your brand, and one way is to focus on the decorating!
Take Doritos, for example. Every day of last December they posted a new image for their #BoldAdvent campaign on Twitter. This post features Doritos chips cheekily posed as a Christmas wreath on someone’s front door.

Though we’d typically associate Christmas with foods like turkey or ham, using the product in creative ways as part of the holiday decorations meant that Doritos stayed on people’s minds for entertaining. So if there’s a way to mould your product into a part of the Christmas accoutrements, then go right ahead!

2. Parody all the bad gifts

This is an oldie but a goodie.
Between all the ugly Christmas sweaters and unasked for underwear, parodying bad gifts is something many brands have done to great effect. Whether it’s Dollar Shave Club’s Instagram GIFs or Jeff Goldblum’s instructions on how to pretend to like a gift, there’s plenty here to get creative with.

3. Giving is the greatest gift of all

The holiday season is a time for sharing what we have with others, and nothing can make that clearer to your audience than a charity drive.
Brands getting involved in giving back to communities is nothing new, but it still goes a long way to creating real connections with consumers and bringing a little more light into the world.
Social campaigns like UPS’s #WishesDelivered have yielded strong results, both in engaging the public and in doing some good.

4. Bring people together

More than anything, this time of year is about bringing people together, and there’s so many ways to get creative with that theme.
Airlines have flown people home to their families, and stores have tugged on our heartstrings by showing lonely people that they’re not so alone after all.

Content created around this theme can be funny, heart-warming, tear-jerking or even all three! It’s just a matter of creating a story that shows that no matter what, we can still feel loved on Christmas.

5. Give it an Aussie spin

In the land Down Under, we’re blessed with a holiday season that’s bang in the middle of our summer.
Instead of snow and hot chocolate, we have the beach and mangoes, and that’s a great opportunity to hilariously juxtapose it with what the poor people up North have to deal with. It’s something that supermarkets like Aldi and football clubs like Arsenal have put to good use in their own content, and it creates a unique connection with the local Aussie audience.
Whichever theme seems most aligned with your brand; you can be sure that getting in on the holiday fun is a great way to engage with your audience on social media platforms. So go out and show them that Christmas Spirit!