3 Ways to Nail Content Marketing on LinkedIn

14/Jul/2017 · 2 MINS READ

When people talk about social media marketing, they usually mean websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Very often, LinkedIn is forgotten at the bottom of the pile. And that’s a shame. Though LinkedIn may not be able to compete with the others in terms of broad reach, it’s a great network when you’re trying to communicate with a very targeted, working audience.

While LinkedIn might not be ideal when promoting the next big movie, it’s definitely the right tool when it comes to reaching working people or setting up business-to-business connections. So, here’s three ways to get started on your LinkedIn content campaign!


As with most other social networks, the bread and butter of LinkedIn is the social post, but the purpose of posts here is rather different. LinkedIn is the place for content that adds value or educates its users, rather than posts centred on entertainment. No dank memes here.

Rather, the kinds of posts you should aim to create for your brand’s followers on LinkedIn are links to value-adding articles or videos, examples of interesting business case studies, summaries and photos of a recent event or tags to and with other brand personalities in your industry.

On the other hand, as with other social platforms, it’s best to post once or twice a day to make sure you stay front of mind among your brand’s followers and connections.

The Publishing Tool

The publishing tool is where LinkedIn really stands out from the other social media platforms. Using it, people and brands can post longer-form blog-type posts and articles. As with smaller posts, these articles usually have to offer some kind of value-add for their readers.

Whether it’s education on something in your brand’s industry, a clever how-to or an insider perspective from an expert, people love to read and learn more about the industries they have chosen as a career, and LinkedIn publishing can open that door for your brand.

When it comes to coming up with the content your brand should write about, it’s best to think about what kind of article your audience would like to read. That’s because when you publish the article, all your followers get a notification, and if they ‘like’ the content, then all their connections will see it too.

After your first few posts, it should be easy to see what your audience prefers, and that should guide your strategy moving forward.

The best part is, you don’t have to stress about producing a new article every day: this type of post is best left as once-weekly.

Sponsored Content

Like any social media platform these days, LinkedIn offers brands the ability to use sponsored posts. These paid posts can come in the form of either standard posts, LinkedIn publishing articles or even updates to your company’s page, and their reach extends beyond that of just your brand’s followers.

The targeting options on offer can go from broad, like industry-type, to very granular, like schools attended, and that means the professional audience you’re trying to reach should be easy to find. Beyond the usual statistics, LinkedIn sponsored posts can also measure lead generation and conversion, so after your first few campaigns, you’ll be able to optimise to the audience and content that works best for you.

So, there you have it: a short introduction to the wonderful world of content marketing on LinkedIn. Now, go out and get ‘em!

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