Classic twitter responses to the Super Bowl adverts

30/Aug/2014 · 3 MINS READ

Arm a person with a few Super Bowl adverts, a handheld device and twitter and here’s what you get. People are bloody funny.

Advert: Budweiser’s Real Life PacMan

The response: Seriously mixed emotions about actually becoming a human PacMan…

Budweiser somehow managed to make the entire U.S population sound as if they were stoners.

Screw the beer… what if we we ALL human PacMen, man? Deep bro.


So. Many. Emotions.

PacManism should totally be a religion.

Come on, Saz.

I WANNA PLAY PACMAN AS PACMAN #SuperBowlAds — Emily (@Emilyklimok7) February 2, 2015

Inception PacMan. Deep bro. Deep.

OMG I’m totally having a Giganto Pacman Rave at my house. #SuperBowl #SuperBowlAds #superbowlcommercials

— Jacqueline Wilson (@WritRams) February 2, 2015

Badass PacMatitude right there.

Advert: eSurance and Lindsay Lohan

The response: Keep that scary hot mess away from my kids

It seems people either didn’t remember Lindsay Lohan, were completely terrified by her or didn’t quite get the “Lindsay is driving” joke after the whole “Lindsay has been caught drink driving” thing that actually happened. Unless drink driving is funny now? Who is she again?   http://youtu.be/x7om3X28wlQ

You messed with the wrong mum, eSurance.


Someone had to say it.

The ad: Nationwide – Make Safe Happen

The Response: Cheer up, you’re starting to freak us all out.


This guy has seen some pretty bad Mondays.

Just no, ok.

That hands-down should have been CocaCola’s twitter response.

The ad: T-Mobile – #KimsDataStash

The Response: Way to mock starving children using a Kardashian. 

Low found a whole new basement level when an ad exec at T-Mobile had the bright idea to create an advert using “fundraising format” and a Kardashian. But Kim wasn’t asking for us all to save children, the environment, animals etc. She was asking us to save data?

Why? So we could all look at her outfits a bit more.

America did not like that T-Mobile. America did not like that at all.


I think Blane speaks for us all.

Pretty dark. Also, the FBI is probably watching you now.

Slightly more appropriate levels of anger.

Not convinced and wants T-Mobile to know it.

The ad: Budweiser best buds

The response: Cuteness overload!! 

Budweiser plays it safe again with the cutest ad imaginable… proving that if it involves animals, has a happy ending and is hard to have an opinion on, then the sentiment will be largely positive. We’re all massive softies. http://youtu.be/xAsjRRMMg_Q

This guy isn’t too sure…

Agreed. Real friends save their friends from wolves.