The human behind Humans of New York – “I’m always looking for a story”

30/Aug/2014 · 1 MINS READ

Brandon Stanton is the incredible human behind Humans of New York – a series of images that seems to effortlessly capture the enormous variety of NYC inhabitants (and more recently, global inhabitants, thanks to his UN tour).

The video below gives a rare glimpse of the man himself and the reasoning behind the project.

What’s great about this interview is how he puts so much emphasis on the story, which is something all journalists, brand journalists, content producers and content marketers can learn from.

Brandon had worked on photography projects in other cities before starting in New York but it was in New York that he began to add stories to his images – and this is what people really connected to.

Humans of New York was a huge success because of the emotive stories he decided to share and the images that supported each story. Neither one alone would have had half the impact.

“What I’m looking for is a story – always looking for a story. And you’ll find that the stories in people’s lives – the ones that are the most meaningful, and impactful and interesting – tend to revolve around an emotion.” 


Video first appeared on Mashable’s YouTube channel, which can be found here.

More informations on Brandon Stanton can be found here.