Are you leveraging the full power of your content?

11/Jul/2019 · 2 MINS READ

Any business owner knows time is a priceless commodity. That means you should be spending all your energy on building up your business, maintaining clientele and reaching new audiences.

Marketing is a key part of that, but creating unique content across multiple platforms (blogs, social media, video, etc.) is time-consuming and expensive. However, it is extremely important to produce content for different channels because your audience lives across multiple channels and being present across those channels is vital to your success.

So ask yourself: are you making the most out of your marketing investments? Here are 5 tips to help you maximise your content strategy.

Tip #1: Get sharing!

So you’ve created something special in the form of written content. You’ve posted it on your blog, it gained a little traction but nothing to write home about.

Don’t stop there. Social platforms are useful for this exact reason. On Instagram, for instance, you can share your original blog content like an Instagram Story and ask your followers to swipe up. You’ll no doubt see a ping in your website visitors, and if the content is useful you’ll probably start conversations on Instagram.

Tip #2: Widen your readership

It’s not plagiarism if you’re copying off yourself, so republish your web content on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the ideal spot to publish interesting, entertaining or downright insightful content. With LinkedIn Pulse, you can publish entire articles in a highly professional setting. This gives your content credence and engages your readership.

Tip #3: Create ‘micro’ content

An unfortunate by-product of our digital era is that people’s attention spans aren’t what they used to be. That means to grab someone’s attention you need to ‘capture’ them in a matter of seconds.

People will leave a page or swipe past your posts if they aren’t snappy and insightful. The solution? Create ‘micro’ content. Pull out key quotes and stats from your previously published articles and create image-based quote posts. These are hugely popular on visual-heavy platforms like Instagram.

Tip #4: Harness the power of video

If you haven’t started using it already, video is an essential part of a complete content plan. Even more so now that video has been integrated into most – if not all – of the top social platforms.

And remember that ‘short attention span’ we spoke about in the previous tip? Video is another solution. So keep on the theme of that ‘micro’ content and produce short, snappy videos with all the key stats and points from your web content.

If your audience prefers watching videos instead of reading long blogs, why not cater to their preferences?

Tip #5: Repurpose often

These are just a few ways you can reuse your high-quality content, but the crux of it is to repurpose often. As a business owner, it’s important to give your marketing the attention it deserves – but not at the cost of losing customers.

Repurposing content is extremely important and it will prove to be an effective way to increase the longevity and relevance of your content.


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