6 Easy Ways to Come up with Great Content

27/Mar/2017 · 2 MINS READ

Once your brand has started posting content on social media, it can start to become difficult coming up with new content themes and ideas.

In theory, your options are limitless, but realistically, this lack of restrictions can be tough on creative thinking.

Luckily, we are on the case!

Here are six great ways to come up with your next content post.

1. Let popular content inspire you

Social media are like one giant pond. There’s plenty of room for big fish and small fish to co-exist.
But when it comes time for you to come up with your next content idea, who better to look to than the big fish?

Keep an eye out for popular content, especially if it’s related to your brand’s industry or field, and let it inspire your next content post. Better still, find ways to leverage off the popularity of popular themes or recent events.

2. Stay on top of the news

When it comes to your brand’s industry, it’s also important for you to stay as informed as you possibly can.

This will allow you to not only share news as it breaks, but also create opinion pieces and reaction content. There’s a reason reaction videos and reviews are so big on YouTube, and that’s because people are interested to hear opinions about their interests.

So if you’re running a bakery and you’ve got the inside scoop on eclairs being the next big thing, then make sure you’re creating content that’s all about those delicious French pastries.

3. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple

When it comes to content, especially on social media, you don’t always need to create in-depth articles. Some of the best content is simply a great idea exemplified by an image or social post that could be produced in under 5 minutes.

Memes, photos and infographics are all a staple of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and they can be a much simpler and easier way of creating content if your next idea isn’t a huge one.

Not only does this simplicity make it easier on you, it also means you have so many more places to be inspired from.

Whether it’s a photo of your chef imitating salt bae or your plumbing service jokingly fixing pipes using Italian hand-gestures, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate this year’s silliest memes into any brand.

4. Lists are you friend

Buzzfeed is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet, and at the core of their content strategy is one thing: lots and lots of lists.

Why? Because they work.

After all, you’re reading one right now!

When we see a “5 Reasons Pizza is Good for Your Soul” article, we feel compelled to click, even if we’re in the middle of doing our taxes. It’s snackable content that is quick and easy to consume (like pizza).

And though science has yet to figure out why, the simple fact is that it works. So when you’re planning your brand’s content strategy, be sure to include a few good lists.

5. Map out your content

Figuring out your content for the week, month or year can be overwhelming at times. A content calendar is an easy way to break your content marketing out into smaller, easy-to-manage pieces.

Map out the role of each content marketing or social media channel, then figure out monthly themes and content topics for each channel. From there, you can plan content for each week.

6. Use your analytics

These days, it’s all about the data.  Once you’ve got a good base of content online, the most important thing you can do is check out your analytics.

Was there a post that got you some new followers? Or do your memes get shared far more than your other posts?

By finding out what type of content your audience best responds to, you’re giving yourself a clear roadmap for the future of your content.

If they prefer lists, then take time to plan out more lists, and if images worked really well during a sale, make sure to keep using them during sales.

After a while, you won’t be struggling to come up with ideas – your analytics will give you a great idea of what should come next.

And that makes them, truly, the best way to come up with your next content post.