4 Reasons Why Ads for Instagram Stories are so Hot Right Now

01/Jun/2017 · 2 MINS READ

Whether you’re trying to capture a Millennial audience or simply trying to build a more immediate connection with your audience, Instagram Stories are proving to be a key a key digital tool.

Since May of this year, ads have been available on Instagram Stories with objectives beyond reach including video views, traffic, conversions and mobile app Installs. So on that note, we’ve complied some tips on how to use ads for Instagram Stories strategically in your next campaign.

Target practice

Social media managers rejoice, the same Facebook-powered targeting capabilities you enjoy on Instagram are available for ads for Instagram Stories, allowing you to leverage essential data for targeting.

The key difference is that you can apply existing targeting to reach an audience in the right mindset to engage with your brand. Your audience has to choose to view your Instagram story, so you’re essentially engaging with an audience who is looking for information about your brand. Pair this with relevant, engaging content and your onto a winner.

And the best part, this can be done at scale so you can tick off the brand awareness objective.

Awareness boost

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s ran a paid Instagram Stories campaign to promote their new ‘Pint Slices’ product. The campaign objective? Increased reach and brand awareness about the single-serve packaging of their new product.

Following the campaign, a Nielsen study found that Instagram Stories had increased the brand awareness by 6 points, lifted ad recall by 14 points and raised purchase intent by two points.

This campaign demonstrates that developing the right type of content to suit the Instagram Stories format is essential to success. The short, sharp and fun videos created for the campaign were perfectly suited to the ephemeral, ‘snackable’ nature of Instagram Stories.


Beyond reach, brands can set up Instagram Stories ad campaigns to deliver for conversions, views, app installs and site traffic.

This means Instagram Stories ads can be used for a variety of campaigns beyond brand awareness campaigns, and for a variety of clients in industries beyond lifestyle, travel and food. We use Instagram Stories ads to promote one of our clients in the construction space, optimising the ads for site traffic. We have found that there is less competition in the space, meaning that cost per click is coming in at fraction of the price of our in-feed Instagram ads.

Share your brand story

Your audience craves authenticity, real time communications and transparency, and what better way to deliver an insight into your brand than through the immediacy of Instagram Stories?

The nature of Instagram Stories lends itself to “behind-the-scenes” content, so it’s a great way to share your brand identity with your audience.

We suggest using Instagram Stories to:

  • Provide audiences with an intimate look at company culture
  • Create behind-the-scenes content
  • Using video to developing engaging narratives, or perhaps series content
  • Establishing brand identity
  • Create teaser videos to preface new product launches
  • Develop live content

By effectively utilising Instagram Stories, brands get a chance to show off what sets them apart.

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